Top Mobile Brands in the World
January 2, 2023

Mobile phone manufacturing companies worldwide have come a long way in helping our world take advantage of the opportunities offered by the different technological advancements. They are unarguably the most used electronic devices globally, and the growth of the mobile industry has been simply astonishing. The competition among mobile brands is increasing as the prices of phones continue to rise with the quality they offer.

Every individual wants a mobile phone with smart features and fantastic rates, and it can be confusing to choose from the myriads of brands available most times. It’s indeed an intense competition among these brands. Now let’s talk about the top brands that have proved themselves in the past years.

1. Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean company headquartered in Samsung town and is a subdivision of the Samsung group. Samsung is doubtlessly the leading brand in the mobile phone market as it continues to work towards enhancing its product proficiency and capabilities via its extensive R & D. The brand has widened its provision for lower and mid-priced smartphones to top-end phones in the affluent division.

Samsung is famous for the Galaxy line of products, with their flagship models being Samsung Galaxy S7 edge+ and Note 7. Samsung has also partnered with experts in quality audio production like AKG and Dolby in the production of the Galaxy S9 model to offer consumers a fantastic sound experience.

2. Apple

Apple has remained a top favorite brand over the past years as it is popularly known for the classy iPhone series. The company was established in 1976 by the iconic Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. The first iPhone generation was launched in 2007, and today many more generations have been produced and are available. Their customer base has increased tremendously due to their consistency in releasing products with superior features and designs.

Apple has maintained the top spot in its swiftness to incorporate new design approaches and technological advances into its products. The brand has experienced much competition from others who have tried to imitate its designs and features but have not been able to diminish its customer base.

3. Xiaomi

Xiaomi, established by Lei Jun in 2010, launched its first phone in 2011 and has since then maintained its place among the world’s leading mobile brands. Their top-rated products include the Redmi and Mi series, with booming popularity in the world’s nations.

Xiaomi has gained enormous market share because of its comprehensive marketing and advertising tactics, particularly in China and India, to boost its smartphone sales. They have also built a strong market presence in other nations like Turkey, Singapore, Brazil, and other Asian countries.

4. Oppo

Oppo is a Chinese mobile brand owned by BBK Electronics and is one of the top companies in the smartphone industry. The company was founded in 2011 and has a strong presence in numerous countries today as it is well known for its reliable mobile gadgets and accessories. Oppo has manufactured several smartphones ranging from the low division class to the affluent segment. Some of the top phone models by Oppo include N3, N1, Find 7, Find 5, etc.

The above list considers the sales and market influence of these brands, which has largely formed the basis for our rating.