Top Food Brands for your Bunny
December 30, 2022

Most bunny foods are packed full of nutrients; this makes them vital for maintaining your rabbit’s growth. Most of them contain vitamin and mineral inclusions to provide elements that might be deficient in the rabbit’s regular diet.

However, most commercially sold food products are low in calories. Hence, you should not feed them to your rabbit as the main diet since your rabbit can develop complications due to low blood sugar.

Read on to find out some of the top food brands for rabbits.

1. Oxbow Garden Select Adult Rabbit food

If you need a brand of rabbit food that contains all the essentials and don’t mind the cost, Oxbow’s Garden Select Adult Rabbit food is an excellent choice for you. However, the benefits justify that price tag, as you would also be getting the feed from one of the best brands in the country.

The feed contains several ingredients that you get out of a good garden. Some include yellow pea, thyme, tomatoes, and rosemary. They cut across most major food classes, providing a balanced diet for your rabbit.

In addition to garden-grown inclusions, Oxbow’s Garden Select contains grass and hay chippings to provide the needed fiber for your pet. The price is the only downside to buying this rabbit feed.

2. Kaytee Supreme Fortified Rabbit food

Like Oxbow, Kaytee is a reputable brand for pet products. Unlike Oxbow, Kaytee is famous for delivering quality products at affordable prices. While their Supreme Fortified Rabbit food might not be as all-inclusive as the Oxbow product above, it perfectly supplements your rabbit’s diet.

This food contains protein, fiber, and oils, which provide some vitamins and macronutrients your rabbit often needs. It incorporates ingredients like alfalfa meal, corn, and wheat; all rolled into pellets to encourage chewing.

3. Higgins’s Sunburst Gourmet Blend Rabbit food

Higgins’s Sunburst Gourmet Blend presents an exciting alternative to the other rabbit food brands as it is available at low-budget prices any pet owner will afford. While many brands require separate hay servings, this brand does justice as it also contains hay.

There are no artificial additives in Higgins’s rabbit food formulation. In addition to hay, the food contains vegetables, fruits, and pre-cooked legumes, which supply fatty acids and omega oils essential for proper development. The probiotics enhance the performance of the digestive tract.

4. Mazuri Timothy hay-based Rabbit food

The Mazuri Timothy hay-based Rabbit food is an ideal food choice for rabbits across all age categories. The high fiber content contributes to a healthy gut, and the feed contains a better mineral balance than alfalfa meals.

Mazuri Rabbit food contains yucca schidigera, which reduces rabbit feces and urine odor. This ingredient makes the feed suitable for indoor rabbits. Like many other food brands, it contains vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, which promote antioxidant activity in the body.

As stated above, these rabbit food brands should not constitute the main meal for your rabbit. They could be served after the main meal as treats later in the day, as they often lack the number of calories needed for maintaining a healthy rabbit.