Popular Cat Food Brands
January 9, 2023

Like other pets, cats need a balanced diet to live healthily. Based on research, cats require more protein in their diet than carbohydrates. As a result, the best cat food products contain a lot of protein. As a pet parent, protein ingredients must be the primary part of your cat’s food so it can develop properly.

Some popular cat food brands you can buy for your pet include:

1. Smalls Human-grade Cat food

Smalls is a new brand in the cat food industry that attracts buyers because the main ingredient in the meal comes from human-grade animal products. Such high-quality constituents provide the best protein source your cat could get. Also, offal meat, like liver, gets incorporated in the processing, increasing the mineral content.

Essentially, Smalls Cat food doesn’t contain any preservatives. Hence, it is safe for your cat’s consumption. The food is available as a subscription service. Although this might seem expensive, the company calculates each meal’s cost before you pay, so you get value for your money. This system might not be cost-effective if you have several cats.

2. Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Cat food

The Indoor Complete Premium Cat food is a great cat food choice that features ingredients that ensure a complete nutritional formulation for cats. The brand isn’t as highly-priced as other premium cat food despite the high-quality components. This relatively affordable pricing makes it a popular pick for most cat owners.

High-quality ingredients like chicken meal, pumpkin, salmon, and whole-food like peas and corn provide protein, vitamins, and minerals that help your cat maintain a healthy life. The fatty acids in the meals help the skin and fur stay healthy.

3. Purina ONE Cat Chow

For existing pet owners, Purina is a familiar name in pet food areas. They produce high-quality food for canine and feline companions at affordable prices. While several other big names tend to cut costs by producing average quality products, Purina competes favorably with most brands in cat food production.

The food contains about 32% crude protein, mainly from chicken and fish meals. It offers a balanced meal with its high-calorie content, up to 400 kcal per cup. With over 25 minerals and vitamins, you will get value for your money.

Although Purina is not a premium choice among cat food brands, it presents such wholeness that it’s the first choice if you are shopping on a budget.

4. Sheba Perfect Portions Grain-free

Although wet food contains much fewer calories than its dry food counterparts, they more than makeup for that with their protein content. Wet food also keeps your cat hydrated for longer periods. Sheba’s Grain-free food tops the charts of all the available wet cat food.

The whole chicken and liver meals contribute immensely to the protein content of the food. In terms of texture and taste, the food formulation also appeals significantly to most cats, ensuring that your pet is almost certainly attracted to the meal.

A minor demerit is Sheba’s Grain-free cat formulation is only ideal for adult cats, while most of the other alternative products are suitable for all age groups.

Processed cat food is often a result of immense research on cat diet formulations. As a result, they tend to be complete and suitable for feeding your cat.