Home Décor Ideas for your Living Room
December 30, 2022

You get to spend the most time in your living room with other family members, and because it is a common area where you also receive visitors, designing it to look and feel comfortable is important.

Besides being comfortable, a good living room design should be functional and beautiful. The following décor ideas for living rooms cover different options from formal to a more relaxed environment.

1. Daybeds and Benches Designs

If you want your living room to feel comfortable, opt for extra seating arrangements with settees, window seats, and daybeds. These seating options have lower back profiles that don’t interrupt the visual flow and make the space look open. Consider using these low back seating options with a bold color to make the furniture the focal piece in the room.

2. Textured Design

If you live in a small or generic rental space, opt for more texture in your design pieces. This brings more dimension to the space. A pop of contrasting-colored pieces in a monochromatic design can make the space more causal. Complete the design with a statement art piece, a large indoor plant in a corner, and ceiling-high curtains to add more depth to the room.

3. Redefined Neutral design

Opt for a neutral-based living room design if incorporating different colors, patterns, and hold shades isn’t your forte, but you love experimental pieces. However, you can include a few contrasting but neutral-based hues. This gives a better appeal than white and black designs.

Throw pillows and other mobile pieces like lamps or artwork in the living room can have varying shades that fit into any neutral design.

4. Design with Unexpected Pieces

You can have a traditional living space with the classic floor lamps, ceiling-high curtains, and wallpaper but still include statement pieces. For example, instead of plain or regular-patterned upholstery, opt for a floral option that stands out. However, be careful not to choose pieces that overshadow other elements in the living room.

5. Indoor Plants and Trees

If you prefer sparse furnishing in your living room but still want the space to look alive, trees and plants will work the magic. You can place different plant varieties in strategic positions to create a visually appealing design. Plants with different heights will also give a layered appeal, with an outdoor and relaxing feel.

6. Upholstered Walls

Upholstering the walls of your living room gives a classic and timeless design. You can also paint the ceilings to accentuate the upholstered wall, then complement with similar fabric and color for the floor and sofas. This gives a soft and intimate appeal.

7. Fun Fabric Design

Sofas with luxurious but playful fabrics in your living room warm up the space. The result is an aesthetically pleasing and unique design. Placing the sofas at an angle for a formal sitting arrangement will make your guests feel at ease.

8. Cheerful Design

Nothing speaks home and comfort like a living room with playful pillows and bright-colored walls. A cheerful design allows you to experiment with different colors, even for standard living room pieces like a table lamp.