Best Desktop Computers for Small Scale Businesses
December 29, 2022

The process of choosing the best computer for specific tasks within your business is not an easy feat as there are many factors to consider. Smartphones and laptops are vital business tools, and they are becoming more feature-rich and powerful each year. However, as good as they are, they cannot rival the quality of the best business computers in undertaking specific tasks.

To begin with, desktop computers are more powerful than business laptops and cheaper. They are also easy to open up and upgrade, except you’re acquiring an all-in-one computer, making them more long-lasting. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of the best brands of desktop computers for your business.

1. Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro

Dell is a popularly known and highly reputable brand name in the computer industry; therefore, you can be assured that if you’re patronizing Dell, you’re buying a well-built and well-supported machine. The Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro gives you very efficient base specs that can be specially suited to your needs, yet for a compelling cost. A slimline case keeps your office or desk from looking cluttered.

2. iMac (27 inches)

Apple’s iMac desktop brand has undergone a series of upgrades and step-ups since its launch. This product sports several tangible improvements in terms of the spec while also featuring an upgraded webcam and microphones. During these times when most people have adopted the work-from-home style, this desktop seems like the best choice to consider without having to create extra space in the existing area. If power is one of your top considerations, the iMac is a great option.

3. Microsoft Surface Studio

This brand is a remarkably powerful yet spectacularly designed, all-in-one personal computer and is worth considering if you want a non-Apple brand with these features. It’s pretty pricey; however, its performance and build quality is a justifiable reason for the cost.

4. Apple Mac Mini

The incredible Apple Mac Mini is Apple’s cheapest computer and is even more affordable when purchased from a third party. Considering the toughness of the competition in the desktop industry, Mac Mini looks tiny, yet it still packs an Intel Core i5. The computer features faster graphics and Thunderbolt 2 Plus the numerous connectors in a 36mm thick box.

5. Dell OptiPlex 3020

The Dell OptiPlex 3020 is a top choice desktop computer for small-scale businesses and will work day-in and day out. You should consider this option if you need a durable brand of desktop computers. The 3020 range is founded on a strict micro-tower system accompanying the Windows 7 Pro-64-bit and offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. The system has all you need to set your business up and running while maintaining its expandability as you go on.

6. HP Elite Slice

The HP Elite Slice has proved that business desktop computers don’t necessarily have to be large-sized. This brand is a simple but powerful computer with a small form factor making it slot into meeting rooms or onto desks easily. It features a dual-microphone system, specialist conferencing software, and HP Noise cancellation. All of these make it an ideal brand for holding meetings.

The need for computers in the business world today can’t be overemphasized. The above list will help you gain more insight into the current standings in the desktop computer industry and be more equipped to make the best decision.