Best Brands of Tablets Computers
December 25, 2022

Whether you are looking for a play device or a work device, the best tablet is an essential tool that can combine the versatility of a laptop and the portability of a smartphone and still cost considerably less than either. Some tablet brands are designed for creatives or professionals with plenty of power and valuable extras like keyboard folio or stylus compatibility.

Others are good for use as portable entertainment machines, for watching movies or gaming on the go. Whichever type you’re interested in, we have a list that sorts it all out. Here are the leading brands of tablet computers that you can consider.

1. iPad Pro 12.9

The iPad Pro 12.9 is a fantastic tablet brand with headline features such as its M1 chipset powering. The chipset was directly lifted from the top-end Apple’s Macs, offering desktop features in a tablet body. It’s excellent for significant tasks like video and photo editing and gaming.

Interestingly, this is the first iPad brand that offers a Mini LED screen with an incredibly high peak brightness at 1,600-ni, a 2048×2732 resolution, and a refresh rate of 120Hz. This brand is vibrant, bright, and impressive all around.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra isn’t just an attempt by Samsung to compete with iPad Pro 12.9. Instead, it’s an attempt to run past Apple, and in some ways, it achieves it. This tablet has a bigger screen, 14.6 inches in size, and has an S Pen stylus accompanying it in the box; meanwhile, you have to purchase an Apple pencil separately if it is an iPad.

It’s an excellent option for viewing art. In terms of power, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra matches Apple’s top brands, considering the top-end Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. It also has cameras with slates portraying a 12MP ultra-wide camera in the forefront.

3. Lenovo Yoga Tab 13

This tablet brand is exciting and goes beyond a smartphone having a large screen. It is designed with an in-built stand that allows you to angulate it on surfaces without a need for cases. This feature makes the tablet useful as it’s possible to position the device on various surfaces while streaming movies or music. This brand has a prominent speaker accommodated in the bottom stand section. It is bigger and stronger than most known speakers making it an excellent choice for playing games and watching movies without headphones.

4. iPad Air

iPad Air (2022) is a current Apple product and has many things in common with iPad Pro, unlike the other entry-level slates of the company. There are many fantastic features for which this brand irresistibly makes our list. It has an all-body display, a long-lasting battery, compatibility with Apple pencil, and an M1 chipset. The tablet runs on Apple’s iPad OS, a powerful operating system for tablets.

There are only a few factors by which the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and the iPad Pro beat this tablet, for example, when considering their larger screen, high-res displays, and extra storage. Therefore, it’s intelligent to go for this alternative if you don’t have the financial capacity to get any of those two.

When considering buying tablets, the primary determining factors are your budget and the OS that you prefer. Others include battery, size, power, and camera. With thorough consideration of these, you can’t be wrong with your choice.