15 Family Easter Traditions
May 8, 2023

A family’s cherished traditions are what bind it together. Easter is a great time to appreciate your family, make cherished memories, and carry on your traditions. Here are 20 enjoyable ideas for your family to begin and maintain some special family traditions over the years.

1. Establish a springtime garden
It goes without saying that Easter marks the beginning of spring. Your yard will look better with a variety of blooming plants. Think of petunias, marigolds, tulips, and pansies.

2.Egg Time Machine
Have your child write a message to themselves that can be put inside a plastic egg for Easter the following year. Your youngster has the opportunity to read about the thoughts and actions they had when they were a year younger. It’s entertaining to see how much they’ve changed in a year.

3. Make an Easter Egg Tree festive.
Visit a craft store and get some decorations and foam or plastic eggs. This is a wonderful game that encourages creativity in the kids. Each egg should be given a matching colored ribbon before being hung from a real or fake tree.

4. A Biblical Easter pilgrimage
For many people, Easter is a strongly religious festival that is significant because of Christ’s resurrection. Scripture that tells the story of Easter can be given throughout the weeks leading up to the occasion.

5. Sit Down at the Table
Easter brunch or dinner is a popular choice for many families, and the main course is frequently ham. Families can enjoy time for fun, food, and friendship by gathering for a large supper. Invite your extended family so that you can connect generations.

6. Baking, Baking, Baking
Throw on your apron and get the mixing bowls ready! For this event, baking and decorating cookies in the shapes of eggs, chicks, or bunnies is ideal. Do you feel ambitious? Consider baking a yearly bunny-shaped cake with icing, coconut, and candies as decorations. On Good Friday, stick to tradition and serve hot cross buns; they fill the kitchen with spiciness, sweetness, and fruity fragrances!

7. Keep Lent.
Prior to Easter, during the season of Lent, some people may decide to “give up” something they cherish as a remembrance of the 40 days that Christ spent in prayer and fasting. Others might decide to try something new as a challenge, such as a charitable deed or a positive new daily routine.

8. Take part in an Easter Parade
On Easter Sunday or a day close to Easter, several cities host Easter parades. Kids should don an Easter hat before going outside to experience the joy. For young children, the highlights frequently include fire vehicles, colorful floats, and marching bands.

9. Easter Egg decoration
An established custom! For children of all ages, dipping eggs in a vibrant dye and seeing it set is a delightful experience. Use them to adorn the house or Easter baskets by decorating them with glitter, paint, and stickers. Plan a community Easter egg decorating competition with prizes if you want to boost the ante!

10. The Egg Relay Race
Give Easter eggs a second act by using them as the focal point of an egg relay race once the enjoyable activity of decorating them is over. Participants should be divided into teams. Provide a hard-boiled egg and a spoon to each team. When the whistle is blown, the players must walk or sprint to a specific spot, balance an egg on a spoon, and return before passing the ball to the next team member. The winning team is the first to complete.

11. Shell Crack Game
Here is a fun Easter game you may play every year! This time, everyone receives a hard-boiled Easter egg of his own and is paired with another participant. Each team will compete by slamming the egg’s little ends together. The individual with the intact shell moves on to the following round, when they pair up and repeat the process. The winner is the one with the final intact egg.

12. Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt, No.
Add a fun twist by hosting a scavenger hunt on Easter morning rather than simply setting out the Easter basket! Create a map with visual hints for young children. Use written cues for older kids. Create an Easter Bunny footprint trail that will direct the young ones who are more active to their basket.

13. Easter Bunny treats
Making this custom a rabbit-friendly treat is similar to leaving cookies and milk for Santa. Before going to night, put water and carrots outside.

14. Create a Garden with Jelly Beans
The night before, bury a few jelly beans in the ground outside. While the children are sleeping, replace each one with a lolly. Eyes will widen in the morning as they discover that each jellybean has transformed into a fantastic lollipop surprise!

15. Surprise you Neighbors
By presenting your neighbors with an Easter basket full with delicacies, you may spread Easter cheer. Before rushing back home, leave the basket on their front doorstep and ring the doorbell. Make sure the basket has a sign that reads, “You have been egged,” as well as perhaps a hint about your family to aid in the recipient’s identification. Your neighbors won’t mind you egging them on in this case.